RAW Automatic Rolling Box 79mm


Only available in Canada

RAW Automatic Rolling Box 79mm

The RAW Automatic rolling box uses a non-stretch cloth apron and extra strong welded rivets to ensure many years of perfectly rolled smokes.  Using a rolling box may seem tricky at first, but once you’ve mastered it and even how fast and perfect every smoke turns out you’ll never want to hand roll a smoke again

A RAW Innovation 

RAW rollers are made on the island of Kudus in Indonesia. This is the place where clove cigarettes were first invented in the 1880’s. In Kudus there are still large cigarette factories that hand roll cigarettes. Some employ tens of thousands of people to hand roll cigarettes. In the 1930’s a factory was established to supply the local factories with hand rolling machines. This factory is the oldest existing rolling machine factory in the world. We formed a relationship with them in the 1990’s and now we are their biggest customer – thanks to you! Our factory knows how to make high quality rollers that last for tens of thousands of rolls. Sure we could probably save a ton of money by making our rollers in China like everyone else, but quality is more important than cost to both of us.



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