RAW Cones Dog Walker 70/45mm


Only available in Canada


Size = 70mm (Length) x 45mm (Filter)
Pre-rolled cones
20 Cones/Pack
12 Packs/Box

RAW SINGLE SIZE "DOGWALKER": Effortlessly produce rolled products with our RAW SINGLE SIZE pre rolled cones. The Single Size, or Dogwalker, is the perfect size for a quick break while you are out and about. The Single Size is 25% shorter than the Raw 1 1/4 Size and ideal for single use prerolls.

3 SIZES AVAILABLE - The Dogwalker Single Size is available in three different sizes. All the cone lengths are the same but the filter is either 24, 30, or 45mm to control for the ideal amount of product packed into this preroll.

CLASSIC UNREFINED ALL NATURAL PRODUCTION: Made from classic, unrefined fibers that are 100% GMO free and 100% gluten free and paper from the fields of Spain without harsh pesticides or non-natural fertilizer.
RAWTHENTIC SLOW BURN: A Patented criss-cross fiber design creating a slow, clean, & even burning cone with the Raw watermark for Rawthentic authenticity

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