RAW Supernatural Rolling Machine

R066 12 inch

Only available in Canada

RAW Supernatural Rolling Machine

 12’’ / 30 cm

Specifically designed for our RAW Supernatural rolling papers.  High tensile strength double thick vinyl rolling aprons.  

Yes, its finally here - the 12’’ Roller for RAW Supernatural papers!  It took us a long time to make this roller because engineering such a long base and roller while maintaining a minimal amount of flex wasn’t easy.  We had to reinforce the apron and all the components to make it work- and the good news is that it works really well.

Made on the island of Kudus, Indonesia in the oldest existing rolling machine factory on earth.  This factory was established 100 years ago to make hand rolling machines for the local clove cigarette factories and still produces hand rolling machines for the local market to this day.

A RAW Innovation

RAW rollers are made on the island of Kudus in Indonesia. This is the place where clove cigarettes were first invented in the 1880’s. In Kudus there are still large cigarette factories that hand roll cigarettes. Some employ tens of thousands of people to hand roll cigarettes. In the 1930’s a factory was established to supply the local factories with hand rolling machines. This factory is the oldest existing rolling machine factory in the world. We formed a relationship with them in the 1990’s and now we are their biggest customer – thanks to you! Our factory knows how to make high quality rollers that last for tens of thousands of rolls. Sure we could probably save a ton of money by making our rollers in China like everyone else, but quality is more important than cost to both of us.

*Hemp Plastic was first introduced to Josh in the 1990’s at a hemp fair in the UK. It took him years to convince the German factory to make the first commercial shipment of this material. These Rolling machines are some of the world’s first items made from this revolutionary material.

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