Red Eye Tek Revolution Bowl V2


Red Eye Tek Revolution 14mm Bowl  V2

Turn and burn with the patent-pending Red Eye Tek® Revolution Pull-Out V2. These six-chambered bowls now feature an indicator arrow for easy loading, a hex-cut design for better grip, and a smaller lower chamber for less cleaning and improved airflow. Become the life of every party and sample up to six different strains or preload your sesh before you even start. Discover a new way to smoke with the new Red Eye Tek® Revolution Pull-Out V2 and join the Revolution today!

How to Use:
1. Insert your ground flower into the Revolution chambers at the top of the pull-out.
2. Rotate the magnetic top disc so your first chamber is lined up with the airflow holes in the pull-out.
3. Insert the pull-out into your water pipe and light the Revolution chamber positioned above the airflow holes.
4. Inhale, grip the Revolution Pull-Out from the bottom, and gently remove it from the water pipe. Be careful not to remove the magnetic top disc during use!
5. Rotate the magnetic top disc so your next chamber is in line with the airflow holes and repeat.

Cleaning Instructions:
1. Remove the magnetic top disc.
2. Cover the screen with your finger or tape, and turn the Revolution Pull-Out upside down.
3. Carefully pour your cleaning solution into the joint at the bottom of the Revolution Pull-Out and shake.
4. Empty the cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly with water before use.

Product Features:
- 100% borosilicate glass
- Six Revolution chambers
- Removable magnetic top disc
- Loading indicator arrow
- Hex-shaped design


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