Rizla Eclipse Single Wide ( Black Pearl )


Rizla Black Pearl Single Wide 100 Leaves/Pack 25 Packs/Box

Available in Single Packs or by the Box

These ultra thin papers are 20 microns, making them super thin for a clean even slow burn.  For use with a 70mm rolling machine

Rizla Rolling Papers have been around since 1796 and have been rolling on ever since. Rizla has it's origins in France and the word Rizla comes from Riz Lacroix. With 100's of years of expertise Rizla are still one of the world's most favourite rolling papers. Rizla Papers are available in various thickness, widths & flavours, this is why there is different colour packaging to indicate what type of paper you are buying. The variation of thicknesses determines how long the paper burns for, Red papers are the thickest so burn the fastest while Silver are thinner and burn the slowest. Available throughout the world Rizla is still the world's leading cigarette rolling paper.

Imported from England

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