Solo II MAX by Arizer


Solo II MAX by Arizer

Higher Power | Higher Performance
Immerse yourself in the most recent innovations of our portable dry herb vaporizer technology. We’ve taken our popular Solo II and given it some incredible upgrades including Advanced Rapid Heating Ceramic Technology, upgraded Custom Session Settings, Automatic Display & Control Inversion, Dark Mode functionality, and USB-C charging.

Take It to the MAX
Using state-of-the-art Advanced Rapid Heating Ceramic Technology, the Solo II MAX is ready for use in under 30 seconds. Optimize vaporization of specific terpenes, unlock the entourage effect of your dry herb, and enjoy consistently satisfying vape sessions with fine-tuned digital temperature controls.

MAX Power
With USB-C charging, the Solo II MAX can be charged swiftly and effortlessly from any compatible device wherever you are.The Dual-Cell High Capacity 18650 Battery boasts an incredible 3 hours of use, plus Use While Charging capability can always keep you going.

The Original Glass Pod System
Arizer Glass Aroma Tubes are crafted from pure borosilicate glass and known for delivering unparalleled taste from your favorite dry herbs. Conveniently pre-load your Glass Aroma Tubes and keep them protected in our PVC Travel Tubes for easy use on the go. Easy to use and easy to clean, Arizer Glass Aroma Tubes deliver an unparalleled vapor experience.

MAX Selection
The power to customize is right at your fingertips. Personalize your Solo II MAX with user-friendly Upgraded Custom Session Settings. Switch seamlessly between Normal Mode and Dark Mode, with both Mode settings saved independently.

Fly Under the Radar
Maintaining discretion while vaping can be crucial in various situations and places. Make the switch to Dark Mode with its low-light symbol display and condensed Custom Session Settings for a more subtle vaping experience.

The Arizer Way
Arizer is a true pioneer in the vaporizer industry, established in 2005. Through extensive research and exceptional design, Arizer has continually raised the bar and set new standards in quality and performance. Arizer is world renowned for offering high-quality products at affordable prices, backed by the best customer service in the business.

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