Volcano Hybrid Filling Chamber


STORZ & BICKEL Volcano Hybrid Filling Chamber

This Volcano Hybrid Filling Chamber is what you need if you’ve lost the original Filling Chamber that came with your Volcano Hybrid. It includes the plastic housing, the internal stainless steel parts and screens, a cleaning brush, extra screens, and a Drip Pad. The Filling Chamber holds your herbs for vaporizing and extracts with the Drip Pad.

Product Features:
- Replacement Filling Chamber for Volcano Hybrid
- Holds herbs for vaporizing

What's Included:
1 x Filling Chamber with Reducer
1 x Cap Ring
3 x Normal Screen with Regular Mesh Width (Approximately 30mm)
3 x Small Screen with Regular Mesh Width (Approximately 15mm)
1 x Dosing Capsule
1 x Cleaning Brush

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