WolkenKraft FX Mini ULTRA Wooden


WolkenKraft FX Mini ULTRA Wooden

FX Mini Wooden – one of the smallest vaporizers on the market is changing the game of evaporation with its advanced core technology, marvellous design, and many more awesome features. Penetrating the market with its True Convection heating that produces true and pure vapour.

  • FX MINI ULTRA features as below:

    ❖ Patented true convection technology
    ❖ High quality and safe materials
    ❖ Titanium chamber
    ❖ Extendable and adjustable glass mouthpiece
    ❖ Fully isolated air duct
    ❖ Pure and unadulterated taste
    ❖ Optimized airflow prevents draw resistance
    ❖ Blue and brighter LED illuminates the steam clouds
    ❖ Large and crystal clear OLED display
    ❖ Short heat-up time: 25 sec.
    ❖ Silicone Coated Steel shell
    ❖ Class A lithium-ion battery capacity: 1600 mAh
    ❖ 8 safety functions and security features
    ❖ Colors: Nightblue, Wood
    ❖ ONLY WITH ULTRA: unique ULTRA design
    ❖ ONLY WITH ULTRA: Patented easy to attach Silde-In Moutpiece
    ❖ ONLY WITH ULTRA: Gold plated mouthpiece ring
    ❖ ONLY WITH ULTRA: Improved temperature range: 100 °C - 220 °C
    ❖ ONLY WITH ULTRA: Adjustable operation timer: 3 - 5 min.
    ❖ ONLY WITH ULTRA: Haptic feedback by vibration

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