WolkenKraft FX Mini Wooden


WolkenKraft FX Mini Wooden

FX Mini Wooden – one of the smallest vaporizers on the market is changing the game of evaporation with its advanced core technology, marvellous design, and many more awesome features. Penetrating the market with its True Convection heating that produces true and pure vapour.


▹High-quality materials
▹True Convection
▹Precise temperature settings
▹OLED display
▹Fast heat up time
▹Vibrating function
▹Automatic shutdown
▹Discreet design


FX Mini Wooden is discreet, technologically advanced with convection heating technology, and gorgeous design.

FX Mini Features

  • High-quality materials High innovative power & technological art

  • True Convection Most efficient heating technology

  • Precise temperature settings Steapless setting from 160-221°C

  • OLED displayLarge and bright screen

  • Fast heat up timeUnder 30 seconds

  • Vibrating functionAnd automatic shutdown

  • Automatic shutdown With vibrating function

  • Discreet design136 g | 5.1 x 2.5 x 7.6 cm


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