Yocan Cylo Coils


Yocan Cylo Coils

Premium Wax Coils
At the heart of the Yocan Cyclo Vaporizer is its C4-DE Plus Coil. For the uninitiated, C4-DE Pluys is a ceramic coil that was engineered to provide you the best dabbing experience thanks to improved heat retention and enhanced vapour production.

Ceramic, for those who have been dabbing for a while now, is known for its ability to hold off heat — causing the coil to facilitate a low, slow burn every time it gets fired. Now what that does is it ensures that all the active ingredients are activated since the heating process is slow. In addition, it allows the consumer to inhale vapours and not smoke (which by the way is way healthier) as the wax concentrates are not heated to the point of combustion.

So, the C4-DE Plus wax coils contribute greatly to the overall experience of the owner since it produces superior vapors as compared to other portable wax vaporizers in the segment. And combined with the aforementioned precision temperature setting, you will be able to unlock all the potential your select wax concentrates has to offer.
That said, it’s not surprising to see why a lot of Yocan’s customers are raving the Yocan Cyclo Vaporizer.

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