Zen Zingers Gummy Kits by Paracanna - Cherry


Zen Zingers Gummy Kits by Paracanna - Cherry

Available in Cherry Bomb, Cosmic Cola, Pink Punchy Grapefruit, Mellow Mango, Righteous Raspberry. 

Refills also have Peach

Zen Zingers do-it-yourself cannabis gummy making kits provide a customizable experience that allows individuals to manage their own dose and the characteristics of the plant they introduce. This allows them to manage whatever condition they are treating according to their needs, in the safety of their own home. Gummies take ten minutes to make and are a truly great tasting edible that costs a fraction of buying pre-made edibles.



CANADA: Consumers buy a kit and then purchase cannabis oil from a licensed source. We recommend selecting oils around 30mg/ml or as close as possible.

The kit contains everything they need to make 15 perfect gummies.
– A BPA-free mold and dropper
– The gummy mix
– A packet of finishing sugar
– Instructions leaflet with dosing table

At home, all they need is a 3qt saucepan, some water and a stove. It takes ten minutes in the kitchen and then time to set in the fridge. Once they’ve fully set (24 hours), they can be rolled in the finishing sugar and then popped in the fridge or freezer. Now they have gummies for days! They will find the convenience of having a supply on hand nice, the price per candy much lower than buying pre-mades, and peace of mind from knowing they were made safely.

Don’t forget to grab some refill packs. Refills packs fill the mold twice so consumers can make 30 gummies!





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