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November 25, 2015

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Trailer Park Boys Games are now in stock at BC Smoke Shop.  We offer the whole line of Trailer Park Boys Games.  Poker Cards, Supply & Command, and the board game The Plan – Freedom 35.

As stated by the Trailer Park Boys franchise has continued past the original run of the television series, almost without interruption.  They have now teamed up with High Roller Games to produce a way to bring the boys into your house for more endless hours of fun.

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Wanna have a peak at the Instructions?  Or did you get too stoned and lose yours?  Don’t worry BC Smoke Shop’s got you covered.


Before you play, read the rules and check out the cards – especially before you get high or drunk – we know from experience . . .


We hope you have as much fun playing it as we did making it !

At first it was our ‘Plan’ to buy the Trailer Park. It didn’t really work out too well cause Lahey screwed us over. So we said ‘fuck it’, lets turn it into a board game!


Welcome to Sunnyvale!
Have you ever dreamed of owning a Trailer Park? Well now you

can with The Plan – Freedum 35! TM
This is the official Trailer Park Boys ® Board Game – an original

game of strategy and luck.

Relive your favourite episodes as one of 12 Characters from the show! Rip each other off or work together. Start up a night club , star in a porno , or get in a shoot out! Pull off different scams like stolen shopping carts, recycled bbqs, or siphoned gas. Go to school and get your grade 10 or play hockey in Jail!

Along the way, dodge the cops, trick Sam Losco, battle Cyrus or outsmart Lahey! Grow dope in your very own trailer! Race to sell it before someone steals it! Harvest your Outdoor and ride to riches on the Swayze Express!

Your goal is to make enough money to buy the Trailer Park and Win the Game!


On the following page, there is a Quick Start section so you can get right down to playing the game – without having to read all the rules at once. There are also 2 Quick Start cards included.

When needed, more information can be found by referring to the Index (page 15) and then reading that Section.

Also, the cards have easy-to-follow instructions printed on them to help you play and navigate through the game.



1. Set Game up. Shuffle TPB cards. Pick a Character figurine and place on Jail space. Put your matching Character card and ID Tokens in front of you. Place the remaining Characters anywhere on first level – one per space – except on Lahey Road Block – put Lahey figurine on this space.

2. Each player rolls one die. Whoever rolls the highest number starts the game. Turns go in a clockwise rotation after that.

3. On each turn, a player rolls one die, moves that amount of spaces. You will either land to draw a TPB card, pick up a Character or deal with a Place (corner). Do not draw a TPB card if there is already one on the space. You must do what the TPB card says. Only one action per turn is usually allowed. See page 5 in the rules for more information.

4. If you draw a TPB card , read it and follow the directions carefully. You will either: Keep it, Do it and discard, or Put it on your current space.

5. If you pick up a Character, take that figurine off the board, grab matching Character card and place near your Character card. They are now part of your Trailer Park gang. Remember to use their ‘Special Abilities’.

6. If you land on a Place (corner spaces, Lahey Road Block and Barb’s) pick up the card and follow the directions. Return card when done.

7. Your goal in the game is to try and get as much money as you can to
buy the Trailer Park. This is done by running Scams, owning Grow Trailers, and selling Bags of Dope. Your odds are greatly increased with lots of money ($50,000+) and Characters!

8. Hint: Try to land on another Character’s Grow Trailer and grab any or all of the Bags of Dope they have! Sell your Bags of Dope at different Place corners trying to get the highest prices. Don’t hold on to your Dope too long – you could lose it!

9. Hint: Whenever possible – ‘Wrestle’ someone for an Item (green card) ‘Con’ someone for a Character (figurine) You can also Trade, Take and Sell.

10. Hint: Use a car, ride a bus – get to the Second Level as soon as you can!

BONUS: Don’t forget! At the Start of your turn, collect a Bag of Dope for each Grow Trailer you own. You may put a Green Ring on your Character figurine for each Grow Trailer you own to help you remember to collect your Bag/s of Dope each turn.



1. Each player chooses a Character figurine to play the game (except for Lahey – see Lahey section for more details). Players can mutually decide who gets which Character or they can roll 1 die with the highest roll getting first choice.

All Characters have a different ‘Special Ability’ (see back of their cards for details). Put the Character’s card face up in front of you. Each player receives their Character’s ‘ID Tokens’ which are used to indicate ownership of Trailers and Scams on the board.

2. Put the Lahey figurine on the Lahey Road Block space. The remaining figurines (that were not chosen) become ‘Characters’. They are now randomly placed around the first level of the board – one per space – except for the Lahey Road Block. ID Tokens for Characters are not used in the game.

3. Shuffle TPB cards and stack onto the square in middle of board. The other square is for the discard pile. Put the ‘Place’ cards (Jail, Mall, Town, School, Lahey Road Block, Grow Fort, Outdoor, Swayze Express and Barb’s) half way under each side of board close to their respective squares.

4. Put the Diplomas, Trophies, Money, Dope tokens, ID stands, Green Rings and remaining Character cards in separate piles beside the board where all players have access or choose a player to be the Banker. Note: Not all players will be able to get a high value Diploma or Trophy if the Bank runs out.

6. Put the Character figurines on the ‘Jail’ space. Players start the game with NO money. All players roll 1 die. The highest roll goes first. Turns will go in a clockwise rotation.



At the Start of your turn, BEFORE ROLLING, collect a ‘Bag of Dope’ for each Grow Trailer you own.

Each player gets 1 turn per round. During a turn, a player first rolls the die (for movement) and moves that many spaces.

What a player does next depends on what kind of space they have landed on and who is already there. Sometimes, you have to choose between the ‘Actions’ you have available for this turn. A player is usually only allowed ‘One Action per turn’ – unless instructed to move to another space.

One Action per turn:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Draw a TPB card
Set up a Grow Trailer, Grow Fort or Scam
Pick up Character(s) or Item(s)
Do an ‘Interaction’ with another Character
Do a ‘Transaction’ and/or Roll Dice with a Place card Grab ‘Bags of Dope’ from a Grow Trailer or Outdoor

Forced Actions:

‘Forced actions’ count as a ‘One Action per turn’ and NO other action is allowed that turn – including ‘Automatic Actions’.

  • -  Lahey is a forced action and must be dealt with. He

    voids any space he is on, except Lahey Road Block.

  • -  Pay someone for their ‘Scam’ – unless Lahey is there.
  • -  Roll two dice at Barb’s – unless Lahey is there.

    Automatic Actions:

    ‘Automatic Actions’ do not count as a ‘One Action per turn’.

    • -  If you are Bubbles getting $1000 at the Mall or Town.
    • -  If you are Ray taking $500 from 1 or more Characters.
    • -  If you are the Supervisor and land on another Character.



There are 5 types of TPB Cards in the deck. Each type has a different coloured frame representing categories as below:

YELLOW – Events GREEN – Items & Dope BLUE – Dicks ORANGE – Scams

DARK GREEN – Trailers
Note: Players DO NOT draw a TPB card if there is a Scam or

Trailer Card already on the space landed on.


The yellow EVENT cards showcase the real adventure in the Trailer Park. Some give you money, some take you to different places and some just rip you off! All show off the crazy shit of the Trailer Park gang.


The green ITEM cards consist of a wide range of tools that can temporarily or permanently improve your game.

Put each Item you collect below your Character card. Note: Some cards may only be used once while others can be used as many times as you want throughout the game! See Cards.

Items can be ‘grabbed’ from other Characters by Wrestling with them. To do this, you must land on the same space as another Character’s figurine. See Wrestle for details.


The blue DICK cards are the main trouble in the TPB deck! Upon meeting them, you roll one or more dice. They can really fuck with you but with a high enough roll you can trick them and get something good out of the deal. Watch out for the ‘Cops’ cards as they just want to send you straight to Jail!



When you draw an orange SCAM card, put it on the space your Character is on and put your Character’s ‘ID token’ on top. Any player who lands here now has to pay you $500! If that player has no money – the Bank pays the $500 to the owner.


When you draw a dark green TRAILER card, put it on the space your Character is on. You may pay $2,000 to the Bank or use a Grow Equipment card you have to change it to a ‘Grow Trailer’.

If you do one of these two options, put your Character’s ID token in a stand and place it on top of the Trailer card – then you may put a Green Ring on your figurine. This is now your Grow Trailer and now at the start of your turn, collect a Bag of Dope for this and each other Grow Trailer you own.

If you don’t have $2,000 or a Grow Equipment card the Trailer remains ‘vacant’ until you or another player lands on it and can set it up as a Grow Trailer.

Note: If you land on another Character’s Grow Trailer, you may ‘grab’ all (or any amount) of Bags of Dope that player has.


‘Character’ figurines are found on spaces around the game board. Character have a wide variety of abilities to help with your game. You must land on the same board space to ‘collect’ them.

Take the Character figurine/s off the board and put it with their card/s below your Character card in front of you. They are now part of your gang! Remember to use their Special Abilities!

Character belonging to other Characters can be ‘Conned’ over to your side. To do this, you must land on the same space of another Character’s figurine. See Con for details.



When landing on the same space occupied by another Character you may choose to ‘Interact’ with them or not. There are five types of Interactions. Choose only one Interaction per turn.

1. WRESTLE: Use this ability to get one Item you want from the Character landed on. Wrestle abilities start at zero. Both players add up any ‘Bonuses’ they may have and add this amount to their roll. Now each player rolls one die. The highest total wins the Item of their choice. A Character can also Wrestle someone for a Bag of Dope.

2. CON: Use this ability to get one Character you want from the Character landed on. Con abilities start at zero (except if you are Julian or have him as a Character – he starts with a +1). Both players add up any ‘Bonuses’ they have and add this amount to their roll. Now each player rolls one die. The highest total wins the Character of their choice. A Character can also Con someone for $500.

3. TRADE: You may Trade characters, Items, Money, Bags of Dope, Scams, or Grow Trailers with the Character landed on for mutually agreeable terms. You can even give something to a Character without getting anything back.

4. TAKE: You must be or have Lucy or Sarah to Take something from the Character landed on. Take one Item of your choice if you roll successfully with Lucy. Take one character of your choice if you roll successfully with Sarah. If you attempt to take something from a Character it will end your turn. If unsuccessful, Lucy or Sarah do not make you lose anything.

5. SELL: You may sell Items, Bags of Dope, Scams or Grow Trailers for agreeable terms to the Character landed on.

HINT: If you don’t have any Items, Bags of Dope, Characters, or Money – Con and Wrestle at every chance – nothing to lose!



When a player rolls one die in an ‘Interaction’, they ADD up all their bonuses available from Characters, Items, Trophies and Diplomas.

Both players add this Bonus amount to their die roll to get the total and determine the winning Character for this particular Interaction.


When ‘Interacting’ with other Characters and there is a tie in totals – it is a draw and nothing happens. The turn ends and now passes to the next player. However, if a tie occurs between the two highest rollers in an ‘Event’ card roll off, those two players keep rolling until there is a winner.


When landing on the Jail space you are ‘just visiting’ and can opt to ‘Miss a Turn’ to immediately receive a Trophy card.

Each Trophy: Bronze, Silver and Gold will add to your ‘Wrestle’ ability by +1, +2 and +3 respectively. Collect Bronze first.

When landing on the School space you can opt to ‘Miss a Turn’

and immediately receive a Diploma card.

Each Diploma: Grade 10, 11 and 12 will add to your ‘Con’ ability by +1 , +2 and +3 respectively. Collect Grade 10 first.


When you have to ‘Miss a Turn’, lay your figurine on its’ side. This way you don’t forget. Stand it upright after your missed turn passes and you are ready to play next round. When you Miss a Turn you DO NOT collect from your Scams or Grow Trailers. This also happens when a Character is ‘In Jail’.



In your quest to own the Trailer Park, you must get to the ‘Second Level’ of the board. One of the main ways to get there is to land on the ‘Lahey Road Block’ space and challenge him (see back of this card).

If you defeat Lahey by rolling high enough, you may move immediately to the Supervisor’s space above the Lahey Road Block on the Second Level. From there you will continue to move clockwise.


The Lahey figurine is the main force in the game. He stands guard to the Second Level at the Lahey Road Block space.

When a ‘Lahey on the Move’ TPB card is drawn, the player rolls one die and moves the Lahey figurine to the new space. Lahey will remain there until another Lahey on the Move card is drawn OR when a Character lands on the Lahey Road Block space. This will ‘RESET’ the Lahey figurine back to the Lahey Road Block space and make the player roll two dice there.

If Lahey lands on or is landed on by a Character, they must immediately roll against the ‘Lahey Road Block’ Place card – regardless of whose turn it is. Players get to ADD all the Wrestle and Con bonuses they have to the roll.

Lahey makes board spaces useless (except the Lahey Road Block). When the Lahey figurine is on a Place, Trailer or Scam space – there is NO drawing of TPB cards or rolling of dice and NO collecting of Bags of Dope, Money, Trophies or Diplomas.

If the Lahey figurine is on top of any Bags of Dope (Outdoor) or on a space with Characters – they cannot be picked up unless the player defeats Lahey with a roll of 8 or higher.



There are 10 ‘Places’ in the Trailer Park. When a Character lands on a ‘Place’ square they pick up the card from under the board and follow the instructions printed on the back. Return the card when done.

Places are where ‘Transactions’ can take place – making money off ‘Scams’ and ‘Bags of Dope’. You also might produce more Bags of Dope with the ‘Grow Fort’ or ‘Outdoor’.

The two major Places in the game are the ‘Lahey Road Block’ and ‘Barb’s Trailer’ – where you can try your luck for a huge outcome. Note: Places are also considered spaces on the board.


Each Character has ‘Special Abilities’. They are summarized on the front of their card and described in detail on the back. Try to use these Special Abilities whenever possible.


‘Bags of Dope’ will take a Character from rags to riches! The Tokens are used in the game as counters for how many Bags of Dope you have. The briefcase is worth 10 Bags of Dope. You know your ‘rollin’ when you have a few briefcases!

Dope is made at ‘Grow Trailers’ and at the ‘Outdoor’ space. Players sell their bags at one of the 6 ‘Corner Places’. Bags of Dope can also be obtained and sold through some TPB cards.

HINT: Prices vary around the board so check them all out. This is how you can make big money to buy the Trailer Park!

Be careful – the more Bags of Dope you have – the more you have to lose including time behind bars! Sell your Bags of Dope for as much as you can – before one of the ‘Dicks’ tries to fuck with you!



Earn as much money as you can in order to win the Trailer Park. Having at least $50,000 will give you a much better chance of success.

Players start the game with no money and cannot go below zero when playing. If a player has no money to pay Supervisor’s rent, Ray or another player for a Scam – the Bank will pay!


ID Tokens are a Character’s personal marker for owning a Scam or Grow Trailer. When a Scam card is drawn from the TPB deck – put it on your current space with your ID Token face up, on top. When you set up a Grow Trailer – put your ID token in a stand and place it on top of the Trailer on this space signifying it is your Grow Trailer!

Note: Use bottle caps, coins or paper if you run out of tokens. THE ‘END’ OF TPB CARD DECK:

When last card is drawn and the Action is completed, all Characters on the First Level go to the Supervisor’s Trailer above the ‘Lahey Road Block’. Dazed and confused – no one gets an ‘Action’ this turn – but are still able to Trade or Sell.

The cards do not get reshuffled and are removed from the board. Lahey is kicked out of the Trailer Park and removed from game. All Characters can move freely between the levels at the ‘Lahey Road Block’ (see Page 13 – Rules 1 and 2 for more details). It is now a race to get to Barbs!


To Win the Game, you must land ‘exactly’ on Barbs Trailer and roll two dice (see back of Barb’s card). Your chance of success is greatly increased if you have $50,000 and some Characters.



If you become the ‘Park Supervisor’, pick up the Clipboard card, put in front of you and follow the directions.

The goal of the new drunk Supervisor is to go around the board and try to land on other Characters to kick them out of game.

Note: Only one character can be removed from the game per turn. If another Character becomes the new Supervisor, they are now in charge. The old Supervisor loses all abilities and becomes ‘normal’ again.

IMPORTANT: Lahey is kicked out of the Trailer Park and his figurine is removed from game. All Characters can now move ‘freely’ between levels at the Lahey Road Block.

1. When landing on the Lahey Road Block now, Characters do not roll anymore and may simply go up to the Supervisor’s that turn. This can only happen once per turn and ends your turn.

2. When landing on the Supervisor’s now, Characters can go down to the Lahey Road Block that turn. This can only happen once per turn and ends your turn.

3. When a Character is ‘kicked out’, they leave the game with their Money, Bags of Dope, Trophy and Diploma cards BUT must give all their Items to the Supervisor. They drop all Characters on their last space. The Supervisor is not allowed to pick them up at this time.

4. If a ‘kicked out’ Character had any Scams – their ID Tokens are removed. These Scams become free to own! Once another Character lands there, they get to put their ID token on it.

5. If a ‘kicked out’ Character had any Grow Trailers – their ID Tokens and stands are removed. These now become ‘vacant’ Trailers and cost the usual $2000 or a Grow Equipment card to ‘set up’. The Grow Fort is $4000 or use a Grow Equipment card.



Players can add their own Trailer Park Boys style to the game by playing for an ‘ante’. Here are a couple scenarios:

1. Before the game begins, all players can agree to put up an ante that the winner will receive. The ante can be anything.

2. Start the game with a pot of pre-rolled cigarettes put in the middle of the board. Whenever a Character cashes in 10 Bags of Dope or more, they get a cigarette from the pot. The Winner at the end of the game gets any remaining cigs!

3. Party Rules!!! Go to: for info. IMPORTANT: Play Responsibly. Do Not Drink and Drive!

Stay in your Trailer Park!


The Plan – Freedum 35 game was created by good friends Derek Hodgins and David Phelps of Kelowna, BC. Renown Canadian ‘gamesmith’ Bruce Downs of Edmonton, AB joined the team and helped with the finer details in producing the game.

A very special thanks goes out to Mike Clattenburg for his creative input and for allowing us to pursue ‘The Plan’ !

We would also like to thank the following people and groups for their help in making ‘The Plan’ possible –

TPB Productions Ltd. The TPB cast!
Showtech Merchandising Atomic 55

Mark Tompkins – Marketing Director James Baumgarten– for his awesome graphics and design ideas!

Al @ Quantum Games
Bob Murch / Marshall Reeves

Danny, Jamie & Lincoln Madiera Barry Chretien / Niko Freer

Theresa Tames and Devrim Kucuk Ramona Satar
Graem, Mariko, Monika & Jay Hodgins Dustin Hodgins

Kathleen Lengert
Dan, Nicki and Zoe Savage
Jason, Kathy, Olivia and Jack Manuel John Phelps and family
Pele Augur and Laura Phelps
Sid Sadowski and Karley Wolfert Garret Watson / Romeo Perretta and of course Kael, Mom & Dad!


The Plan – Freedum 35 TM © 2011-2014 High Roller Games Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

Trailer Park Boys ®, its images, logos, characters are the property of TPB-ACI. Used under exclusive license.


1 –
13 –
1 –
12 –
10 –
10 –
10 –
2 – Sheets of Tokens, 12 Green Rings, 10 ID stands and 6 Dice 1 – Tray & Money ($500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $50,000)

Trailer Park Game Board
Character figurines
Deck of Trailer Park Boys (TPB) cards
Character cards and 1 Park Supervisor Clipboard card Diploma cards (6 of Grade 10, 3 of 11 and 1 of 12) Trophy cards (6 of Bronze, 3 of Silver and 1 of Gold) Place cards, 2 Quick Start cards and 1 Smoke Break card

Bags of Dope ………………………11 Bonuses ………………………………..9 Character Cards …………………11 Con ………………………………………..8 Credits ………………………………..14 Dice Roll Ties ……………………….9 Dicks …………………………………….6 Diplomas ……………………………….9 Events……………………………………6 Game Play / Movement ………..5 Game Setup ………………………….4 Second Level ………………………10 Interactions …………………………8 ID Tokens …………………………..12 Items ……………………………………6 Miss a Turn ………………………….9

Lahey figurine …………………….10 Money …………………………………12 Optional Rules …………………….14 Park Supervisor ………………….13 Place Cards ………………………….11 Scams …………………………………..7 Sell ……………………………………….8 Characters……………………………..7 Take ……………………………………..8 TPB cards …………………………….6 TPB cards – end of deck……..12 Trade ……………………………………8 Trailers ………………………………..7 Trophies ……………………………….9 Winning the Game ………………12 Wrestle ………………………………..8




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When in doubt about a rule or some transaction in the game – ROLL ON IT.
Whoever rolls the highest gets their way.

OR, you can let the majority decide.

Send us your question and we will try our best to get back to you before your next game.


In memory of Rita MacNeil, Richard Collins (Phil Collins), and Brian Huggins (Shitty Bill).

PEACE Printed in USA