Percolator Bongs - Everything You Need To Know

Percolators work much like the way a bodum for coffee works where the water comes up, has to roll around and is forced through smaller vents which helps separate the smoke from the carbon, ash, and resin. This removes a lot of the buildup from the smoke and that's why it's actually smoother when you smoke out of a bong with a percolator. Always keep these units clean so that they will continue to run nicely.

Dome Percs

Dome Perc From a Glass Bong

Dome percs are a personal favorite of ours. The holes in the bottom of dome percs are large so more air can pass through. Of all the styles of percs, dome percs add the least resistance to the airflow. This is great because you get extra filtration without needing to pull harder. They are sturdy and are the easiest type of perc to clean.

Inline Percs

Inline Perc From A Glass Bong

Inline percs are high up on our list of percs. A good inline perc should have the vents positioned on the bottom facing downward. There should not be any holes or vents on the top of the perc. This allows the ideal water level so that your smoke will always pass through water without splashing up. The holes on an inline perc are smaller than those on dome percs so they are smoother, but you will need to pull a little harder.

Tree Percs

Tree Perc From A Glass Bong

Tree percs are like dome percs times how ever may arms are on the percolator. We mostly carry four arm tree percs, but they also come with eight, or even twelve arms. Arms on tree percs require tiny welds on each arm to connect them to the main tube. We make sure that these welds are good on bongs we send out to you. Tree Percs are nice and smooth. They are smoother than dome percs, and inline percs, but require more work to clean.

Honeycomb Percs

Honeycomb Perc From A Glass Bong

Honey Comb Percs are really popular because like the Dome Perc they are sturdy. No matter how hard you pull through it or bonk it the perc itself is still sturdy. The big difference is the size of the holes that are on it. When buying a bong with a honey comb perc always make sure all of the holes are open and that there is no shody glass work around the perc. We check all our bongs before we send them out to you.

When smoke and water get pushed together and pass through the honeycomb it turns all that smoke into tiny bubbles providing lots of filtration. This requires more power on the drag so you will need to pull a little harder while using a bong with a honeycomb perc. For this reason the honeycomb perc is definately one of the smoothest percs.

Bongs with honeycomb percs should come with a pinch bowl so that ash will not get into the percolator.  These percs are sturdy and easy to keep clean.

Fab Perc A.K.A Faberge Bong

Faberge Bong

This takes the whole percolator concept and flips it around. Instead of smoke being forced through holes it flows around shapes that are formed directly into the glass. There are hollow points on the inside which create restrictions for the water to filter the smoke. It is not filtration like percolators provide but a way to slow down the smoke and create resistance compared to a straight bong with a single tube. Faberge pipes are especially good for dabs. Fab perk slow down the draw while still providing a nice amount of smoke. If you were to smoke dabs through a percolator bong like a honeycomb, cannabis oil and shatter would clog the percs.  Faberge percs have less resistance and get all the worth of your smoke. This allows faberge water pipes to be smaller while still creating appropriately filtered dabs.