Dabbing , Parts, and Tools

Choosing A Dab Rig
Dab rigs are usually smaller than bongs because the potency of cannabis concentrates is so much higher that you don't need a large pipe. A dab rig should be less than 12" tall which is ideal for smoking concentrates. Most dab rigs larger than 8" are bigger because they include percs or recyclers. Dab rigs less than 8" tall are easy to use and perform well.
Converting Your Bong For Dabbing
Converting your bong for doing dabs is definitely a possibility. We carry parts for bong to dab rig conversions including Bangers, Troughs, Buckets and Nails. Quartz and titanium nails were the first methed used for smoking concentrates using a bong. Today you can fit most quartz bangers to use your bong for doing dabs.
Essential Tools For Dabbing
Every tool in the dab world has a special purpose. The most essential tool is probably the dabber itself. Dabbers are used to portion and carry cannabis concentrates from a container to the dab rig's banger, bucket, or nail. Carb caps come in two basic kinds - bubble, and flat. Both bubble and flat carb caps are used to control the airflow of your dab rig, and retain heat.