BuckLee Chubby Bub RUN BHO 710

3251 RUN BHO 710

BuckLee Chubby Bub RUN BHO 710

Transport yourself into the alluring world of BuckLee's Chubby Bubs in all their rotund glory! This distinctive Borosilicate glass art by revered glassblower Mike Laronde @Buck_Lee_Glass is calling your name.

Exquisitely crafted Chubby Bub has its own charming personality and roly-poly physique
Made from high-quality, durable Borosilicate glass on Vancouver Island, Canada

With Over a decade of glassblowing mastery under his belt, Mike pours his heart into sculpting the Chubby Bubs' every curve and dimple. The result is a collection of irresistibly squeezable characters begging to be adopted into your home. Display them with pride and delight as they spread joy wherever they roam!

5.5" Tall
10mm Joint


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