Converting Your Bong For Dabbing

Converting your bong for doing dabs is definitely a possibility. We carry parts for bong to dab rig conversions including Bangers, Troughs, Buckets and Nails.

One thing to keep in mind is the size of your bong.  If your bong is 12" or greater then you probably won't want to convert it for dabs. A large bong does not offer as much control and the smoke will be hard to manage. Dabbing is pretty intricate because you have to heat the bucket up so a large bong will be very awkward for doing dabs.

On the other hand if your bong is less than 12" then it should be fine to convert it into a dab rig. In reality all you need is a banger bucket to fit your style of bong. Of course we always tell people to bring in their bong or at least take a picture of their bong before buying the right kind of banger because it all depends on the size of your bong's downstem

It also depends on the angle of the piece. Some bongs are built with a stem at 90 degrees, but most often the stem of a bong is built at 45 degrees. The end goal is to find a banger that will fit into your bong's downstem while allowing the bucket to be flat and parallel to the ground.

Using Your Bong For Dabbing

Other things you may need include a torch and a carb cap. Most serious dabbers will buy a carb cap because it allows you to control a good volume of smoke.

Dab rigs don't come with carb caps which is good if you only apply a small amount of cannabis concentrates.

For any more than a small amount you will want to use a carb cap - it's like putting a lid on a pot of boiling water. It traps all the heat inside and allows you to control the airflow.

For advice on fitting a carb cap for your new bong to dab rig conversion feel free to reach out by email, phone, or on facebook.