Bangers, Troughs, Buckets and Nails

Concentrate bangers and nails are critical components of dab rigs. During the process of dabbing, the concentrate is pressed against the heated nail to produce a vapour. A banger is a type of nail that has a dish. Concentrate bangers and nails come in many different forms, so choosing the right one is really a matter of personal preference.
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Quartz Bangers, Buckets, and Nail for Dab Rigs

Choosing A Dab Rig

The majority of our dab rigs come with bangers. It's always a good idea to consider the banger when buying a dab rig. You can switch out the bucket , banger, or nail and even opt for an Extra Large Banger to handle larger volumes of cannabis concentrates. Also, 90 degree bangers make it easier to heat the bucket.

Converting Your Bong For Dabbing

We carry parts for bong to dab rig conversions including Quartz Bangers, and Nails. If your bong is less than 12" then it should be fine to convert it into a dab rig. The end goal is to find a banger that will fit your downstem while allowing the bucket to sit flat and parallel to the ground. Give us a call if you need help buying the right kind of quartz banger for your rig.

Essential Tools For Dabbing

Many enthusiasts will upgrade to a thick bottom banger and use a bubble carb cap in order to have greater control over the quality, volume, and temperature of their dabs. Flat carb caps are the most universal carb cap and should fit whether your banger is flat, on an angle, or has a wide trough. None the less it's still important to find a proper fit for your individual rig - flat carb caps are the only kind of carb cap that will fit on angled bangers.