Luda Glass Rig Toy


Luda Glass Rig Toy 5" 10mm Male Fixed Stem

Luda Glass Rig Toy - The Ultimate Collector's Piece That's Also A Functional Work of Art

-Features a unique character design encased in meticulously crafted coloured glass
-Doubles as a fully functional dab rig, so you can enjoy a smooth hit while appreciating the artistry
-Makes an impressive addition to any glass art or functional glass collection

Bring a touch of whimsy and expert craftsmanship to your glass collection with the Luda Glass Rig Toy. British Colombia's Internationally renowned lampworker Chris Windsor, aka Luda Glass @l.a.u.d.1 has been perfecting his art for over 20 years. His Luda Glass creations like this Rig Toy are highly sought after by collectors around the world.

Each Luda Glass Rig Toy features one of Luda's signature character designs are carefully worked coloured glass. No two are exactly alike. Not only is this a museum-worthy art piece, but it also functions as a water pipe so you can enjoy smooth dabs. This combination of artistry and functionality makes the Luda Glass Rig Toy an especially prized item.

For glass art collectors and cannabis enthusiasts alike, the Luda Glass Rig Toy is the ultimate acquisition. Let this handcrafted conversation piece add some playful personality and expert craftsmanship to your collection.

Joint Size: 10mm
Joint Type: Male
Joint Angle: 45°
Diffusion: Fixed downstem 7 hole

Height 5"
Width - 3.5"
Length - 3.5"

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