Dab Dish Pro Silicone Insert by 420 Science


Dab Dish Pro Silicone Inserts - The Easiest Way to Handle Sticky Concentrates

No more scraping! These revolutionary Dab Dish Pro silicone inserts make handling sticky concentrates like oils and honey a breeze. Just gently manipulate the flexible dish to lift concentrates right off the surface - it's that easy!

Completely non-stick and flexible for effortless concentrate removal
Food-grade silicone construction is safe and durable
Fits perfectly into 420 Science concentrate jars or can be used alone
Allows you to get every last drop of precious material
Tired of losing your concentrates to sticky messes and nearly impossible cleanup? Dab Dish Pro is the hassle-free solution you've been waiting for. No more scraping, no more wasting material, just easy handling and storage for all your oils, honey, and more.

Designed for dabbers, made for convenience. Dab Dish Pro silicone inserts simplify your concentrate routine. Get the most from your materials without the mess!

These 420 Science Dab Dish Pro silicone inserts are completely non-stick and all you have to do is gently manipulate the flexible container to separate the sticky stuff from the dish itself. This makes them a great choice for storing concentrates such as oils and honey. Dab Dish Pro food-grade silicone inserts can be used to line the 420 Science concentrate jar or used alone.

Each small container is 1.25" in diameter x 0.975" deep and large containers are 2.5" in diameter and 1.5" deep.

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