NoGoo Silicone Finger Tips


NoGoo Silicone Finger Tips

Stop sticky fingers in their tracks! NoGoo Silicone Finger Tips are the simple solution for keeping your hands mess-free when working with gooey materials.

Set of 3 reusable, washable silicone fingertips fit most hands
Nonstick surface prevents adhesives, clay, resins from sticking
Flexible material allows normal finger movement and dexterity
One size stretches to fit

Crafting, sculpting, and DIY projects often mean dealing with messy, sticky substances that end up all over your hands. NoGoo Silicone Finger Tips allow you to dive into your sticky crafts while keeping fingers clean for easier cleanup after. Just slip these clever little covers onto your pointer, middle finger, and thumb before working with slimes, resins, clays, glues and more. The nonstick silicone material stops adhesive messes in their tracks so you can create with abandon, then easily remove and wash the NoGoo fingertips for the next use.

Anyone who loves crafting but hates the hassle of post-project cleanup needs NoGoo Silicone Finger Tips. Slip them on and enjoy working with your favorite sticky materials without the usual mess. Your hands will thank you!

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