Itsa Flavour Cards


Itsa Flavour Cards

 Itsa is the revolutionary new way to infuse your dry food products with flavour and aroma.  Unlike some flavour products you may have tried, Itsa actually works.

 Taste for your buds.  

 Choose your flavour, drop the card in your product, then wait for the flavour to take hold.

Itsa works best with dry stuff in enclosed spaces—you can flavour tea bags in a container, for example, but not a mug of hot tea. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

The dark, subtle and complex flavour of anise unfolds like a good novel, and it’s just as hard to put down. It tastes a bit like black liquorice, with a fragrant approach and a soft aftertaste.

Beloved for centuries in Europe and Asia, the blackcurrant is making a comeback across the pond. It’s easy to see why—this little berry packs a big punch. You’ll experience a mouth-puckering blend of sour and sweet, with floral aromatic notes. This bold flavour is only for the adventurous.

One whiff and you’re back in Grandma’s kitchen. Savour the sweet, aromatic taste of warm gingerbread, fresh from the oven. You’ll get the classic cookie flavour all the way from the approach to the aftertaste.

The first thing you’ll notice is the cold minty blast, just like Mint Chill. Then a hint of bright blueberry will get your sweetness receptors firing, straight from your tongue to your frontal lobe. That’s the Mint Blueberry experience: Cool your mouth, blue your mind.

In the immortal words of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, “Man, that’s cold.” The mints are our most intense flavours, and Mint Chill is the granddaddy of them all. You’ll experience a strong cooling mint sensation every time.

The mint plunges you into the Arctic, then the lime flies you to Mexico. It’s a strange itinerary, but worth the trip. You’ll experience a strong cooling sensation, similar to Mint Chill, then get just enough fruity lime overtones to curl your lips upward. Muy sabrrrrrrroso.

Like a winter nap on the forest floor. You’ll feel a chilly breeze as you drift away into sugary spearmint bliss. Grab a wool blanket… and sweet dreams.

Introducing the newest vintage from the Itsa virtual vineyard. We’ve produced a well-balanced and light-bodied blend with a fruity bouquet. It’s soft, smooth and sweet. Just uncork the flavour, kick back and drink it in. Salud!








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