Itsa Flavour Cards


Itsa Flavour Cards


Itsa is the revolutionary new way to infuse your dry food products with flavour and aroma.  Unlike some flavour products you may have tried, Itsa actually works.

 Taste for your buds.  

 Choose your flavour, drop the card in your product, then wait for the flavour to take hold.

Some flavours are stronger than others.  Peach is the mildest flavour, Cherry is Medium Strength, all others will be bold in flavour.   Experiment with how long you keep it 

Mint Chill 

 In the immortal words of polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, “Man, that’s cold.” The mints are our most intense flavours, and Mint Chill is the granddaddy of them all. You’ll experience a strong cooling mint sensation every time.

Strong Strength 

Mint Blueberry

 The first thing you’ll notice is the cold minty blast, just like Mint Chill. Then a hint of bright blueberry will get your sweetness receptors firing, straight from your tongue to your frontal lobe. That’s the Mint Blueberry experience: Cool your mouth, blue your mind.

Strong Strength

Mint Raspberry

 Mostly chilly, a little sweet—like a librarian who secretly finds you attractive. You’ll en                                                                                                                                                             joy the same intense, cooling sensation as with Mint Chill, but with a touch of raspberry to keep things interesting. Bonus: no seeds stuck between your teeth.

Strong Strength 

Mint Lime

The mint plunges you into the Arctic, then the lime flies you to Mexico. It’s a strange itinerary, but worth the trip. You’ll experience a strong cooling sensation, similar to Mint Chill, then get just enough fruity lime overtones to curl your lips upward. Muy sabrrrrrrroso.

Strong Strength

 Mellow Peach

Enjoy some fresh-plucked flavour. The mild, fuzzy taste complements your legal herbs, and never overpowers them. Breathe deep and in no time you’ll be relaxing in a sunny orchard.

Mellow Strength

Cherry Drop

Electrify your taste buds with this strong, sweet flavour straight from the future. You won’t experience any sour overtones you’d expect from a fresh cherry—just a burst of pure happiness in bright, bold colours.

Medium Strength

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