RAW Filter Unrefined Cotton


Only available in Canada

Regular Size
Diameter 8mm
Resealable Packet
200 Filters per pack
Chlorine Free

RAW Regular Filter Tips come in a re-sealable packet containing an estimated 200 loose filters making these filter tips great value for money.  Each regular filter is 8mm in diameter and is made from unbleached free cotton which gives them there natural brown appearance.

RAW Filter Tips will strengthen your cigarette ends, help keeping tobacco out of your mouth and are incredibly comfortable to smoke with.  So if you are looking for something that will make your smoke even better, this is it.
RAW Smoking filters

We enjoy going back to the origins of smoking. Originally cigarette filters were made by cotton but this was later replaced by acetate tow. We use classic Natural Unrefined Cotton in our RAW cigarette filters. The use of Unrefined/Unbleached Cotton is very important as conventional cotton is treated with synthetically produced chemicals.

Each package of RAW Unrefined Cotton filters contains 200 cotton filters. The draw strength of these filters is a bit stronger (it’s slightly harder to pull through them when you’re smoking) but that’s part of the RAW experience!


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