Zen Roller 79mm

Z910 79mm

Only available in Canada

Zen® Roller 79mm


Fits 1 1/4, 1 1/2, Double Wide

Extra Apron Included


Our rolling machines are made of high quality acrylic with perfectly sized aprons made of a material that will not stretch with age, and is coated to prevent cigarette paper tearing.  We carefully design each roller to operate smoothly and create perfect evenly pressed cigarettes. Don’t settle for sloppy, hand rolled cigarettes anymore. Our quality makes all the difference and is why our rolling machines are the preferred roller of choice by smokers worldwide.  


Zen rollers are not made in China!

They are made using high acrylic in a renowned smoking machine factory in Indonesia.  They’re not plastic - they’re actually acrylic.  This means they are 3x as strong as a typical Chinese plastic rollers and you will love them.


The original Hemp cigarette paper, Zen® was one of the first brands released into the market. Soon after, they became the best Hemp cigarette paper in the world! When we first tested Zen we were shocked and amazed at the smooth flavour, perfect burn time and resilience of the paper. Made with all natural Hemp and Acacia gum these papers are choice no matter where your zen destination may be.


Zen® is a paper for any lifestyle, and allows you to fully appreciate and enjoy the cigarette you are smoking. Once you have tried Zen®, all other hemp papers will seem inferior. Zen® is available in a multitude of sizes including Zen® 1, Zen® 1 ¼, Zen® 1 ½, Zen® K/S and Double Zen®. The Zen® product line also extends into Premium Rolling Machines, which are certainly the best in the world and even come with an extra Rolling Apron. These rolling machines offer the most complete line including 70mm, 79mm, 110mm, 110mm cone and 79mm power roller. Since 2003 the Zen® product line almost doubled with the advent of Zen® Filter Tips, Zen® Roll-Up Tips, Zen® Gold Series Tobacco, Zen® Power Roller Deluxe, 100mm Blue tubes, and much more.


In 2005 the line began to undergo a change in packaging and acquired a new smart and clean look. Zen® products are now better than ever, so the next time you need help attaining enlightenment, try using Zen!


ZEN® has a reputation for the highest quality and greatest value. ZEN® rolling papers are Asian style papers that burn ultra slow and are the perfect accoutrement for your tobacco. ZEN® cigarette tubes are one of, if not the, best selling cigarette tubes in America. That is only because of the extreme loyalty smokers have for the ZEN® brand. Word of mouth has been the word of growth for ZEN® and we thank you for all the support and loyalty! ZEN® also offers perfectly cut cigarette tips, smooth-draw filters, refillable e-cigarette vaporizers, durable acrylic rolling machines, electronic cigarette machines, hand-rolled cigars, hand-made wooden traditional tobacco pipes and more.


ZEN® is for any lifestyle, and allows you to fully appreciate and enjoy your smoking. Once you have tried ZEN®, all others will seem inferior. Smoking – including electronic smoking, is an art form, but more than that it’s a form of meditation. We breathe deeply in, we breathe deeply out. We relax and send our intentions into the universe as we enjoy the ritual. ZEN® IS the art of smoking.

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