Gear Bong Parts

Find Gear parts for your bong at BC Smoke Shop. We carry downstems, pull-outs, grommets, interchangers and more! We're always here to help so give us a call or drop by the store.
Bong parts and accessories can help you customize your bong experience with different attachments and enhancements. You also might need to stock up on bong parts and accessories in the unfortunate event of a bong accident. If that ever happens, just come back here—we have everything you need.  

Bong Shop Resources

Buying a Glass or Silicone Bong
Glass bongs are almost always the best because you can clean them to a neutral where Silicone Bongs can stand the test of the trunk of your car.
Percolator Bongs - Everything You Need To Know
It's actually smoother when you smoke out of a bong with a percolator. The Water is forced through vents which helps separate the smoke from the carbon, ash, and resin.
How To Clean A Bong
All glass, silicone, and acrylic bongs can be cleaned. For glass bongs you can use Orange Chronic Cleaner or 99 proof alcohol and coarse salt.